Who are we?

There are many links in the chain it takes to get the crabs from the sea to the table. Some of the first can be found on the west coast of Jutland, where the whole crabs are landed:

Trying to change the Danish (and possibly German) food culture and make the whole crab popular, is primarily my idea, but without the industry expertise, past and present, I would not have come very far:

Margrete Thorsen Moore, returned to Denmark following 30 years abroad – 12 in Germany and the past 18 just south of Cromer on the coast of Norfolk. No one could have lived there without becoming a crab-enthusiast and as is evident, much of my inspiration comes from UK. There have been previous efforts trying to make the brown crab valued here in Denmark, for more than the white meat from its claws. I know how to cook and am in general passionate about sourcing ingredients, but that does not make me an expert on the catching or distribution of the crabs. Fortunately one of the pioneering fishermen, who took part in test fishing during the past decade is still going strong:

Jesper Jensen in Thorsminde, who has been very patient and an invaluable source of information, has now become my invaluable source of crabs too! Soon he may be adding Whelks to catch, another ‘unknown’ on the Danish menu.