Sådan piller og tilbereder du krabben

Before you boil your crabs, you should kill it in the most humane and rapid manner. This is done by inserting an awl, screwdriver electricity or something like that. Only in the nerve center 1, after dragging its tail back, then the nerve center second It also makes it easier to clean the crab before cooking and improves meat quality. Right above pictures shows from left to right in the top row: Legs and claws broken off the cooked crab, thumbs inserted where the tail meets the shield and the body pulled out of the shield - you can help a little with a knife if necessary Second row, left to right: Is sliced ​​with a blow of a heavy knife, then one can tamper the white meat out, shield emptied of the brown meat (picture 2) and only the bony lot just behind the eyes removed (stomach) before the brown meat filled back in the shield and topped with the white from the claws, legs and body that are best taken out with a lobster fork.